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Psychology Notes
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I compiled all of my notes from my first year of psychology into this document to create an in-depth explanation of all lectures ranging from a variety of different chapters. The notes includes information from powerpoint slides, in-class lectures and seminars, textbook (psychology by Peter Gray), and pictures to make studying and memorizing much easier. It uses colour and is divided by chapters to understand the information in sections.

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Detailed Notes Preparation for Interim Exam #2 (course: Introductory Psychology and Cognition)
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Detailed notes on the last 7 chapters of Introductory Psychology and Cognition which are the content for the first interim exam at the University of Amsterdam for the Bachelor of Psychology. The content of the notes is a combination of both lecture notes and book notes (Psychology, Gray & Bjorklund, 8th edition). Chapters covered: 10. Solving Problems: Reasoning and Intelligence 11. The Development of Body, Thought and Language 12. Social Development 13. Social Psychology 14. Personality 15....

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