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FAC2602 Exam Pack 2015
8,80 €
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These are Exam questions and solutions as well as those that were found in assignments, study guides and practice questions. When you work through these together with explanations in your study guide, you will gain an excellent understanding of concepts, theories, techniques and methods which will allow you to answer exam questions. This will save you much needed time in your studies which you can allocate to other modules.

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  • subido  11-09-2020
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MAC2602, FAC2602, MNO2601 & MNP2601 EXAM BUNDLES
12,32 €

Get all the MAC2602, FAC2602, MNO2601 & MNP2601 study materials and greatly improve your chance of passing or even getting a distinction in these modules. Study the notes and work through the examples and achieve success in these modules. These are difficult modules to learn BUT DON'T STRESS....you will Pass!!!!

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  • subido  08-10-2020
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