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NR 511 Week 3 Case Study Discussion Part One/ Differential Diagnosis And Primary Care Practicum(Complete Answers Rated A+)

A 19-year-old male freshman college student presents to the student health center today with complaints of bilateral eye discomfort. Upon further questioning you discover the following subjective information regarding the chief complaint. History of Present Illness …………………… description continue Review of Systems (ROS) …………………… description continue History …………………… description continue Physical Exam …………………… description continue In Part 1, you are …. a patient scenario. Using the information given, answer the following questions: Briefly and concisely summarize the H&P findings as if you were presenting it to your preceptor using the pertinent facts from the case. Use shorthand where possible and approved medical abbreviations. Avoid redundancy and irrelevant information. Provide a differential diagnosis (plural) which might explain the patient’s chief complaint along with a brief statement of pathophysiology for each. Analyze the differential by using the pertinent findings from the history and physical to argue for or against a diagnosis. Rank the differential in order of most likely to least likely. (This is where you present your argument for EACH DIAGNOSIS in your differential using the patient’s subjective and objective information that was …). Identify any additional tests and/or procedures that you feel is necessary or needed to help you narrow your differential. All testing decisions must … supported with an EBM argument as to why it is necessary or pertinent in this case. If no testing is indicated or needed, you must also support this decision with EBM evidence. (This is where you identify, based on what you know thus far, test or test(s) that you would perform TODAY which would help you narrow your differential diagnosis). *Do not list all of the possible tests that can … done. You are … on your diagnostic reasoning skills as well your ability to make decisions that are in-line with current practice recommendations. Just because a test is available does not mean it needs to … done.NR 511 Week 3 Case Study Discussion Part One

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